What to Look for When Buying a Pressure Washer

When making a decision on whether to buy a pressure washer, there are key issues you have to evaluate. Pressure washer use gas engines or electric motors to pump a jet of water at high pressure to wash various surfaces. When making a decision to buy a pressure washer, it means the first one you will have to make is to decide between a gas-powered one and one powered by electric motor.

The pros of gas-powered pressure washers is that they deliver high pressure water. These pressures have the ability to quickly clean large surfaces such as sliding and driveways without the use of chemicals. Because of a lot of pressure is applied, it means that the nozzles set on a wider angle and clean effectively.

The major disadvantage associated with gas powered pressure washers is that they are relatively noisy and heavy. They require frequent tune-ups. If they are left idling for long hours, they can overheat the pump and possibly ruin a machine.

On the other hand, electric powered pressure washers are best for small decks and patios as well as outdoor furniture. They can also be very suitable for small jobs that require not so intense cleaning. Their major con is that the lower water pressure means that the cleaning duration is extended, hence more power used.

How Polishing a Stone Can Bring Back its Shine

Polishing your stone and marble is a great way to bring back their professional shine. Polishing enhances the veining in marble and can be very important in protecting different types of stones from damages that result from usage and everyday spills.

When you polish your tile or stone, it results into a highly reflective surface. It is a great way the vibrant colors of a stone as well as highlighting the character of the stone. Stones that are polished are very smooth and not very porous.

A professional cleaning company will do all it takes to bring back the glamour in your stone. The best way to polish a floor or stone will vary, mostly depending on the type of surface as well as the nature of damage involved.

A professional cleaning company will start by removing stains, scratches, etch marks and dull spots. If there is any build up resulting from wax or other elements, it is cleaned.

Polishing can be very important in getting rid of flaws and blemishes in a stone. If you have a stone that has light etches, scratches or scuffs, then polishing might be all is needed to bring back its shine.

How to Improve Your Pressure Washing Business with Analytics

Today, any pressure washing business that doesn’t not have a strategy driven by the available data is bound to fail. There is a huge opportunity to expand a pressure washing business if you decide to adopt data to be central to your dealings. Data is the key driver for any data driven business and spells the reason why modern data based companies are performing so well as compared to traditional companies. Many businesses are today using analytics to improve the way they operate and serve customers.

Why Analytics for Business

Most business are now considering data as the key driver for success. An example is hoe manufacturers are augmenting physical products with software as well as analytics in order to reveal the way customers use their products. Data collected during analytics sessions is very important as it translates to new revenue streams. Pressure washing companies are now using analytics to define what their customers want and offer better solutions and service to them.

Analytics help to define ideal customers

Data analytics has changed the way businesses look at their customers. In the past, most sales forecasting was entirely based on metrics such as past sales and customer demographics, and these provided very limited insights. Today, companies utilizing data analytics gain very many details about their customers, including website browsing patterns, social media channels visited among others.

Optimizing Customer Experiences

In addition to gaining valuable insights about customers, data analytics prove to be very helpful in aiding businesses determine where customers are, what they want and how often they make purchases. It also helps define how such customers wish to be contacted and many essential factors. A pressure washing business can analyze how users interact with a website and thus make the required improvements.

Marketing Optimization

Today, everything is going digital. Many customers are making their purchases online. Data analytics continues to be very useful in helping customers make better marketing decisions across different marketing channels. It also helps businesses to continuously optimize their marketing efforts through different testing, measurements and continuous improvements.

Better Decision Making

Data analytics is changing the way businesses make decisions bringing the much needed business intelligence. Traditional decision making processes require a lot of internal expertise and consultations, which lead to a lot of back and forth. Such communication bottlenecks lead to a lot of time wasted. With analytics, you pressure washing businesses are now better placed to handle competition in the most effective way.

Competition is getting increasingly stiff and any business out there with intentions to survive must leverage the use of big data. It is very important for businesses to understand the behavior of their customers as this helps in ensuring and crafting an effective marketing campaign. Predictive marketing fueled by data analytics beats traditional marketing in that it deals with knowing customers desires and personalizing experiences according to customer behaviors. Any pressure washing business that is not leveraging the use of analytics is missing out big time.

How to Identify a Reliable Pressure Washing Company

There is nothing that refreshes up the interior and exterior of your house like a thorough pressure washing service. Grim and dirt tend to accumulate on the outside of your buildings and this means to have it well, you need to hire the services of a professional pressure washing service to do extensive cleaning on those buildings and give them a new life.

But how do you know that the people you are entrusting withy the job are up to your required standards? Pressure washing is more than just directing a high powered nozzle of water on a surface to be washed. To ensure that you are getting it right, here is what you need to look for;


You need to look for a company that has been in existence for quite some time. It should be a company that can assure you high quality services. Inexperienced pressure washers have a tendency of using a high pressure of water on all walls and other surfaces and may end up damaging the surface of elements to be cleaned. The finish may look great while wet, but once it dries up, the end results is something terrible.

Licensing and Insurance

While pressure washing, there are chances of accidents and damages occurring. For this reason, you should be sure to ask the company you are tasking to ensure they have insurance in case of damage occurring on an area they are cleaning. If they can produce license as well as insurance, it is a good indicator of their character as well as culture.

Free Consultation

A good pressure washing company should be able to offer you with a free consultation and price estimations on a task that you want delivered. You should avoid companies that insist on charging you for any inquiry you have to make. Once you have done the consultation and plan to settle on pricing, ensure that you get it in writing.

Customer Service

AS good pressure washing company should work round the clock to offer exceptional customer service to its clients. The good thing with exceptional customer service is that you leave clients satisfied and a satisfied client is a loyal client. Work towards ensuring you leave an impact on the services you offer to clients and see your business scale to new heights due to recommendations coming from your satisfied clients. That is the essence of any good business.

Why You Need a Pressure Washing Website for Your Business

A website is a must have if you want to have a successful pressure washing business. It will help in promoting goodwill among customers and prospects, as well as delivering a strong marketing message all for the benefit of your brand.

There are very many reasons why you need to have a website. First, your customers expect it. They expect your brand to provide an online content about your business, and if you don’t have one, customers will look elsewhere.

A website also provides a social proof because online reviews work wonders in influencing customers buying decisions. With a website, you have a better control of the narrative.

A pressure washing business helps the owner get their messages in front of the crowd and potential customers out there. You can also link social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook among others to continue pushing your content.

You should also not that all your competitors have websites which help in defining a customer’s buying journey. Research shows that a customer has a better understanding of what they want if they had started the process with research. Customers will not be able to research about your products if you don’t have a website.

How to Eradicate Weeds and Moss in Your Home Using a Pressure Washer

Weeds and moss growing on paving slabs, blocks and pathways can be a menace when you want to keep a clean home. Although it might be beneficial to the ecosystem, moss and weed may grow too much and facilitate the need to remove them. Most of these plants like to grow in humid and cloudy conditions.

If you have these menacing plants and want to get rid of them, one of the best ways to go about it is with the use of a pressure washer. Pressure washing is one of the most efficient ways in offering efficient cleaning solutions on interior surfaces of buildings and others objects.

A pressure washer makes use of a high jet of water that is subjected in the surface to be cleaned. Water at high pressure has a lot of potential of uprooting moss and weed from pavements and pathways. Another advantage that a pressure washer offers is the ability to clean the already removed weed and moss.

That said, if you find yourself trouble by moss and weed in your house, pathways, walkways and pavements, then best decision you can do is to seek the services of a professional washing expert who can make use of high jet of waters to eradicate weed and clean the entire pavement.

Top Things to Know When Buying a Pressure Washer

When you need a pressure washer, you need due diligence so that you get the best deal. The main question you will be grappling yourself with is making a decision between choosing a gas powered pressure washer and an electric washer.

Gas vs. Electric

Gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers use different mechanisms to pressurize water. The biggest difference between these two is on strength and speed. A gas powered washer is usually louder but produces more power. An electric one is usually quieter but has less power.

Another key issue to look into is making a decision between the types of water you will use. This is based on deciding if you are going to use hot water or cold water. Cold water is used for pressure washers while hot water is used on power washers.

Another key factor to consider is warranty. There are different type’s warranties that cover different parts of a washer. Does it cover the frame, pump or the engine? You will be surprised on the different types of warranties that are contained in most washers. You also have to make a decision based on the psi of the washer, depending on the intended use.

Why Your Car Underbody Needs Pressure Washing

When a car goes through washing services, the last time most car owners ever think of is to clean the underside of a car. The underside is easily overlooked during a cleaning process mostly because of its inaccessibility. However there are many solutions as well as a number of things you can do to ensure the underside is well cleaned.

There are many reasons the underside needs to be cleaned, particularly because there are a lot of dirt and dust that it accumulates by the roadside. Dirt, smoke, dust among other particles usually accumulate at the underside of the car and if not cleaned, it can be quick havoc.

When dirt accumulates in large scale, it causes the metals to oxidize, and this is a big concern that may lead to rusting. Rusting metal components can have a lot of problems in your car. Another problem with a high accumulation of dirt is that it acts as hygroscopic component. This means it attracts water molecules and keeps on activating and fueling the oxidation reaction.

Cleaning the underbody of a car is very important if you want to keep your car in a pristine and good condition. You need to schedule frequent timelines for cleaning the underside of a car.

Best Ways to Scale a Pressure Washing Business

Most people think that a pressure washing business is super easy to start. The truth of the matter is that it can be easy to start any business, but sustaining a business is not that simple. Additionally, scaling a business is not easy at all. Assuming you have a pressure washing business that is attracting a fairly decent number of clients, how do you go about to scale your business and maximize profits? Let’s find use.

Use the power of loyal clients

One of the most important things you need in a business is to offer superior customer services that may translate to customer loyalty. A happy customer is a loyal client who is ready to refer your business to other potential customers. In any business, aim at creating an exclusive customer experience that can translate to a loyal customer.

Harness the power of social media

We are living in a modern world defined buy the use of social media. In this era of Internet, a huge population of your potential customers can be found online, be it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among other places, and are all ready to be convinced that you can offer exclusive and tailored services to meet their needs.

Inject more cash

Most businesses start and reach a level of stagnation because of lack of resources. One key resource than can help to scale your business to the next level is cash. If you have the financial muscles, it means you can offer more services for your business, increase products or just open new stores.

Social Proof

Truth be told we are all humans and social proof plays a key role towards winning the hearts of undecided potential clients. Social proof includes a lot of things from testimonials, use of video, online reviews among others. Make these part of your business and see it scale.

How to keep your house clean

Keeping a house clean is not an impossible task. However, keeping up with demanding daily housekeeping can sometimes seem to be a drag. The real thing is that keeping a house clean has more to do with how you organize things, than the actual cleaning task. If you want to have a clean space, here are some useful tips to go about it.

First, you need to start by making the bed. Some people may think that making the bed is a waste of time. However, the truth is that a clean bed makes a big difference towards your overall grooming and organizational skills. Making your bed also sets your day on the right note and makes things easier for you.

It is also very important to do one load of laundry every day. The amount of laundry load you need to offload per day depends on the load you typically have per week.  Develop a habit of ensuring you clean your laundry every day, instead of doing accumulations.

Not all cleaning is equal, and this calls for the need to prioritize. Make a list of what you would like to get cleaned, and set a schedule of how you are going to handle the cleaning procedure. Know the right people who you need to involve to get things going on in the right manner.

You should not forget to do a fifteen minute nightly clean up. This involves cleaning things that do not require much of your time, as well as ensuring every element in your house is put in its right place