Buying a pressure washer can one of the best things you can get value for your money. Whether you are interested in having your driveway and decks to look sparkling clean, or you want your walls to get back their shine, a pressure washer can be a true time saver that makes the whole experience of cleaning much faster and easier. But before you can spend your hard earned dollars on choosing a pressure washer, you should commit yourself to some due diligence, so that you get the best deal.

If you are looking forward to buy a pressure washer, hold your head high and ensure you get right the following things.

Gas vs. Electric Pressure Washers

Electric and gas pressure washers use difference mechanisms to pressurize water. The biggest noticeable difference lies on their speed and strength. Gas powered ones are usually louder but produce more power. Electric ones are quieter but usually have less power. Electric ones are particularly good for people who do not want to mess with gas and are cleaning small areas.

Hot Water Vs. Cold Water

Cold pressure washers are the ones most common in the stores and are normally less complicated than hot ones. Cold water pressure washers are also more portable. On the other hand, hot water pressure washers clean better because they make use of hot water. They also clean faster and with less soap. These ones are usually great for industrial or farm use. However, if you are a homeowner, you should probably go for a cold one, since it cheaper and economical.


There are different types of warranties out there, and its upon you to choose the one that best serves you. All you need to do is to conduct due diligence and read the warranties contained in every brand. Also, evaluate what the warranty covers, be it covering the frame, engine or pump. You need to ensure the warrant covers both the engine and pump.


When it comes to power, there are different ways applied in describing power. These are pounds per inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM). Another one is what we call Cleaning Units (CU). Gallons per inch and pounds per inch can be confusing for first buyers and for that reason, they should choose to be guided by cleaning units. If you find cleaning units has not been specified, do so by multiplying pounds per unit with gallons per minute.

How a Pressure Washer Works

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