There has been a long debate on soaps and detergents, and which one is best for pressure washing. With so many soaps and detergents out there, knowing the best one to use can be a very challenging decision. This challenge is caused by the fact that there is not a one size fit all answer, because of the different elements of cleaning involved.

Difference between Soaps and Detergents

When you begin shopping for soaps, one thing you will notice is that there are those labelled as soaps while others are labelled as detergents. These labels are not just about marketing. The key difference is that detergents contain synthetic chemicals for a specific use, such as helping to dissolve mold or killing mold.

One key thing you need to understand is the soaps and detergents contain natural ingredients such as fats and oils. These are substances that get combined with alkaline solutions.

While choosing soaps, you need to remember that soaps and hard water may create some undesired buildup in a washer. This means that soaps should never be used with hard water. If you are using a chemical detergent, the type of water used doesn’t matter. ‘

Another thing to remember is that soaps include specific chemicals that have different applications. You may need to choose a specific type of soap based on the surface you are cleaning.

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