Pressure washers are very powerful machines that are capable of cleaning large surface areas quickly and in a very efficient manner. That said, it doesn’t mean their effectiveness make them the best machines to play around with. There are a couple dangers associated with the use of a pressure washer, and here are some important safety measures you have to follow.

Never aim the nozzle at anyone

You should always keep the ward pointed downwards or away from live things, be it humans or animals. When water at such high pressure comes into contact with a person, it can do a lot of harm including tearing the skin apart. Even if there are no physical damages involves, such a jet of water can cause internal tissue damage.

Wear protective Equipment

You need to wear protective equipment because these nozzles can not only damage concrete surfaces, thus imagine the damage they can have on humans. When using a pressure washer, your feet, eyes and hands are at a high risk of getting damaged by the high pressure water spray. Note that many of the injuries resulting from the use of a pressure washer are preventable, and so you should try to avoid the same.

Be Keen when operating gas powered pressure washers

You should exercise a lot of caution when using gas powered pressure washers. You should never operate these pressure washers in an enclosed space because of the gas emitted. The carbon monoxide gas emitted is harmful to inhale and you should thus ensure you operate the washer in an open space where the gas can properly mix with air to be less harmful. Additionally, electric washers should be used cautiously because they use electricity and when you interact with water, chances of short circuiting and electrocution can’t be ruled out.

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