When you buy a pressure washer, one of the most important things you should have in mind is its care and maintenance. If you maintain and store your pressure washer in the right manner, it is going to give you a good performance for long lasting results. When it comes to the safety of your washer machine, there are key things you have to get right. If you have a prior knowledge to taking care of pressure washers, you will have an easy time dealing with your machine. Here are important tips you need to keep in mind;

Pressure Washer Pump

You need to extend the lifespan of your pressure washer pump. This means you should not leave water in the pump as it may lead to buildup and corrosion, which can cause wear and tear of the pistons and pump seals. After every use, it is advisable you flash water to leave the pump clean. This can be done by securing the hose into the pump inlet, then pressing the trigger till some foamy liquids shoots up.

Prepping the Pressure Washer Engine

You have to note that the engine used on pressure washers does not last for long, more so if proper care is not taken. It may have a life span of less than 200 hours. However, you can considerably increase its life span by observing some key tips. First, you need to drain the oil and fill it up with some fresh ones. Then, you have to run the engine for some few minutes coat all the internal parts using fresh oil as well as fresh anti-corrosive additives.

Cleaning Fluids

When it comes to cleaning fluids, you should only use ones that are designed for the pressure washer. Heavy duty cleaning liquids, general purpose degreasers, bleaches and acids are all dangerous and can destroy the pump. Even if the soap to be used for your pressure washer is rated for pressure washer use, it pays to follow due diligence and confirm if it is the right one for your purpose. When storing the machine, you should never leave soap in the dispenser.

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