Pressure washers are used for cleaning different components be it automobiles, houses, pavements, kitchen among others. A pressure washer can be a great cleaning tool is used in the right way. Just like using any other piece of equipment, there are key safety precautions you must adhere to, to ensure your operations are smooth. The washers we use can cause serious injuries especially if safety precautions are not adhered to as outlined by the makers. To ensure a smooth operation, you have to follow some key issues such as;

Stay away from the jet

A pressure washers should never be considered to be a toy. You should deliberately aim the washer at any live object be it a pet or another person. The high pressurized water dislodged can cause serious injuries to the person aimed to. While using a pressure washer, you should also beware of your surroundings. Ensure that you secure all exposed electronics, vents and windows before using the washer. Ensure that all areas are in good working condition and not damaged.

Engage the safety latch

When the pressure washer is not in use, always make use of the safety latch. The latch prevents any accidental engagement of the pressure washer. You should never put the water gun down or unattended without engaging the safety latch. Additionally, you should never leave your washer without attendance when you know you will still need to use it. If you have to step away for a minute or two, ensure that you turn the machine off.


For your knowledge, pressure can still remain inside the washer long after you turned it off. If it is released without depressurizing, the water spray comes out and can still cause some serious injuries. To ensure that everyone is safe, turn off the pressure washer then have a keen squeeze on the trigger before putting it away.

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