Pressure washers come with different accessories. Without these accessories, your pressure washer will be basically useless. It will be like having a gun and no bullets. Top of the accessories include a pressure washer hose. An ideal pressure washer hose should be around 50 ft in length.

If you have one that is shorter than that length, it means you will have to keep moving your machine, and this can be cumbersome. Ensure that you get a quality hose that has the right PSI ratings that matches your machine. If you get one that has a poor quality, it will break down faster and can also be more susceptible to kinks and leaks.

Pressure Washer Wands and Tips

When we talk about a wand, it is a handle that has a trigger valve. There are different angles of wand and lengths that are available for different applications. You can change the spray pattern if you change the tip at the end of the wand.

You will find that most pressure washers come with a selection of tips. These can vary from a very narrow spray that generate a higher force, to a wider spray that has a much diminished force. However, it  covers a wider area.

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