You may not be able to see all the dirt and grimy in the exterior of your buildings, but believe me, it’s there. The accumulation of dirt in the exterior surface of houses is not reflection of your cleaning abilities, but rather a show that we have to clean buildings occasionally. You can devote a weekend to pressure wash the exterior surfaces of the places you dwell and see the difference it makes in bringing back the gloss and shine.

A pressure washer is a very important machine that can be used to restore back the sparkle and shine on different elements in your house. If you don’t have what it takes to invest in your own pressure washer, you can as well rent one or ask for the services of professional washers and observe them do their magic. If you are looking forward to get the best out of your cleaning, here are some simple do and don’ts.

Be safe when power washing

Before you can begin any pressure washing job, you need to ensure that you are protected from blasts that may be generated by the machine. You need to wear the right protective gear for your face, hands and eyes. You also need to follow manufacturer’s instructions and stay clear of the nozzle. You should never leave the machine unattended and never point the power washer at people, animals or at surfaces that don’t need to be cleaned.

While Cleaning.

Pressure washer can be very effective in cleaning the exterior surfaces of buildings. For the surface you need to clean, work from the top to bottom. You need to direct water downwards instead of doing it downwards. Continue pressure washing until the surface is clean and dirt free. You also need to use the appropriate detergent to clean the surfaces that need to be cleaned.

Clean the surfaces Surfaces are not fragile to be subjected to pressure washing. They can withstand a high amount of pressure coming their way. A power wash cleaning can be very good for removing accumulated dirt on walkways and stains. It can also be very effective in cleaning sidewalks, concrete surfaces and sideways. You also need to clean wood decors and patios. There are other surfaces that do not need pressure washing. One of these is wood outdoor surface, outdoor umbrellas and outdoor fabrics as well as cushions.

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