When you need to use a pressure washer, you have to ensure that everything is working well. It starts by reading the instructions that come on the manual as they can help to give you a good head start.  Pressure washers can be dangerous if not properly handled. You need to wear protective gear including safety goggles, a hat and the right gloves. Each type of pressure washer looks different and it pays to follow due diligence when handling them.

Ensure connections are secure

Make sure all connections are secure before you can start to use the washer. This means you have to confirm the working of the hose for air and water connections. If these joints are leaky, the washer might not work well. Also you need to check to ensure that the power cord is firmly attached.

When it comes to the water source, ensure that it is completely turned on. If you are using a model that need you attach to a water source, ensure that the faucet is completely turned on. You can also adjust the pressure on the machine.

You also need to attach the nozzles while the pressure is locked and off. If you are using any special attachments, ensure that you add them to the nozzle while the pressure washer is still locked and off.

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