When you need a pressure washer, you need due diligence so that you get the best deal. The main question you will be grappling yourself with is making a decision between choosing a gas powered pressure washer and an electric washer.

Gas vs. Electric

Gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers use different mechanisms to pressurize water. The biggest difference between these two is on strength and speed. A gas powered washer is usually louder but produces more power. An electric one is usually quieter but has less power.

Another key issue to look into is making a decision between the types of water you will use. This is based on deciding if you are going to use hot water or cold water. Cold water is used for pressure washers while hot water is used on power washers.

Another key factor to consider is warranty. There are different type’s warranties that cover different parts of a washer. Does it cover the frame, pump or the engine? You will be surprised on the different types of warranties that are contained in most washers. You also have to make a decision based on the psi of the washer, depending on the intended use.

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