When you hear about commercial cleaning, what exactly comes to your mind? Chances may be that you are thinking about issues relates to cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. If you are thinking about these three issues, that’s right. There are some significant differences between the three that should not be confused. Let’s understand the basics among the three, as well as the key differences.


Cleaning is basically the act of making something clean. It has more to do with the removal of dirt, particles and elements that accumulate on the surface of things to be cleaned. It is usually the first step professional janitors undertake in a cleaning process. The cleaning process involves the use of soap, water, detergents and hand scrubbers or pressure washers to remove visible contaminations from the surface of the objects to be cleaned.


After the first initial cleaning process is done, sanitizing follows, what many call sterilization process. It involves taking extra step to kill any microorganisms that may find a living under the newly cleaned surface. Sanitizing deals with taking a proactive step to prevent harmful pathogens from spreading across the cleaned space. Any professional commercial cleaning process should be followed by sanitizing process.


Disinfecting is usually the final step of the whole cleaning exercise. Disinfecting capitalizes on expanding any prior sterilization efforts. It involves the process whereby professional janitors expand and capitalize on any prior sterilization efforts. If there might be some viruses spreading across the commercial space or elements that have been cleaned, you are rest assured that disinfecting process kills them all.

Its never that complex to understand the difference between the three. Any professional cleaning company involved in commercial cleaning process should ensure that the process of cleaning involves the act of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the surface of the objects and items to be cleaning.

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