When making a decision on whether to buy a pressure washer, there are key issues you have to evaluate. Pressure washer use gas engines or electric motors to pump a jet of water at high pressure to wash various surfaces. When making a decision to buy a pressure washer, it means the first one you will have to make is to decide between a gas-powered one and one powered by electric motor.

The pros of gas-powered pressure washers is that they deliver high pressure water. These pressures have the ability to quickly clean large surfaces such as sliding and driveways without the use of chemicals. Because of a lot of pressure is applied, it means that the nozzles set on a wider angle and clean effectively.

The major disadvantage associated with gas powered pressure washers is that they are relatively noisy and heavy. They require frequent tune-ups. If they are left idling for long hours, they can overheat the pump and possibly ruin a machine.

On the other hand, electric powered pressure washers are best for small decks and patios as well as outdoor furniture. They can also be very suitable for small jobs that require not so intense cleaning. Their major con is that the lower water pressure means that the cleaning duration is extended, hence more power used.

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