Hot water pressure washers are commercial machines that have flooded the market recently. They have an in-built water heater that heats water coming out of the hose. They have a better cleaning effect as compared to cold water ones because hot water has a better ability of cleaning more effectively as compared to cold water.

Pressure in the hot water breaks down and removes grime and dirt faster than cold water. One key advantage of using hot water pressure washers is that they eliminate the need to use very expensive detergents and chemicals. You should never fill hot water in a normal cold waters washer as doing so might expand and damage seals.

Detergents Used

Detergents can have a great effect in terms of increasing the speed of cleaning and removing tough stains. Most how water pressure washers come equipped with a venturi tube that holds detergents and mixes it with water steam.  The detergent needs to be first applied with a low pressure spray to give it the appropriate time of breaking down dirt before you proceed to wash off with a high pressure spray. Ensure that you use the right detergent for your pressure washer.

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