It is very important to maintain proper insurance for the health and wellbeing of your pressure washing business. When you suffer unexpected interruption or loss, insurance comes in to help you recover the losses and get your business going again. A pressure washer business faces its own set of challenges and it’s very important to have it insured.

Insuring Building Property

If you own an office building, be it a garage or storage area, you need to have a commercial building insurance. This type of insurance covers aspects such as fire, vandalism and any accidental damages. It is very important you insure your building to have it protected in case your business causes any harm to the building, or in case the building causes any inconveniences to your business.

Business Property

This is what is normally referred to as contents coverage. It is a coverage that caters for your company’s office, computers, furnishings and any inventory kept. Check on the policy you have as some cater for things such as replacing lost and damages items.

Commercial general liability

Commercial general liability is a type of insurance that protects your company just in case you get sued. You can be sued for causing bodily harm or for damaging any property that is not yours. A pressure washing company can cause damage to walls and paintings due to the high pressure of water emitted by the pump. To stay safe against any liability, ensure that you have a commercial general liability.

Business Interruptions

Business interruption insurance is a form of coverage that protects you against loss in case your business is not able to perform regularly due to inconveniences. It can be as a result of fire destroying your office building. Some other interruption coverages caters for any additional costs you incur be it cost of opening a temporary office, rental charges and marketing dollars spend redirecting your customers.

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