A professional pressure washing can achieve pretty different types of results. Watching different layers of dirt wash away can be a truly satisfying experience. When regular washing falls short of achieving particular desired results, pressure washing becomes increasingly important in achieving superior results.

When it comes to washing, there are different types one can achieve. These include pressure washing, power washing and a third one called soft washing. Pressure washing and power washing are very much related. Power washing uses the same principle of blasting water at a high pressure, same as pressure washing, only the difference is that it uses hot water.

Soft Washing

On the other end, soft washing is a bit more different. With soft washing, it doesn’t mean it has nothing to do with pressure washing. All it means is that soft washing is a form of pressure washing but one which is modified to lower PSI, or what we mean by pressure per square inch.

Soft washing is done with the use of a PSI that is less than 500, in either cleaning or rinsing activities. In soft washing, the tip of the washer is replaced with one that widens the spray and can be very effective in washing surfaces that do not require very high pressure.

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