The roof is the first line of protection for your home against various elements. To protect your family and protect, your roof needs to be kept in a good condition to promote longevity. Performing a good and professional pressure wash on your roof is one of the most important things you can do, to ensure that it is in pristine condition. Roof cleaning is a very important element to promoting home maintenance for the following reasons.

Promoting roof longevity

Pressure washing your roof helps to preserve its tiles and shingles, and ensures extended longevity that can save you money and other resources. As years roll down your roof, debris, algae, lichens, mold and mildew slowly start to build up on your roof and may cause unpleasant discoloration. These elements also interfere with the water lines and hamper efforts of water collection.

Ensuring health of your home

Pressure washing your roof helps in preventing infestations and ensuring a high standard of health for your home. Algae and mold infestations can quickly spread from your roof to the attic area and this can have an adverse effect on your air conditioner. These elements can also lead to rotting of the roof’s support system.

Energy Saving

A roof that is in a poor state may cause a lot of increased energy bills. If your roof is covered by algae, or has plenty of rotten shingles, it may fail to reflect the sun. A roof need to be clean and reflect the sun, in order to keep home cooler, and help in reducing heating and cooling energy bills.

A clean roof also increases and improves the aesthetic appeal of a home. This is one the reasons pressure washing is very important. Accumulation of various materials on a roof causes it to look dirty, and the most possible remedy is pressure washing.

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